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80, 9e Rue
Roxboro, QC, H8Y 1J5

(514) 949 9902

CHICZA CANADA - the first and only 100% organic and biodegradable chewing gum ever made - we now ship anywhere in America! Try it out!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Chicza:

Mirla Torres

The label on my chewing gum says "Gum Base". How do I know that "Gum Base" is actually plastic and rubber?

If the ingredient list does not use the term "Gum Base (Chicle)", the gum is made with petroleum polymers. This is the FDA's list of approved ingredients to be included under the term "Gum Base":


"As members of the Consorcio Chiclero, the chicleros are making between three and six times more income than when they simply supplied chicle to chewing gum manufacturers."

"Humans have chewed gum for millennia but it's only recently that it has become the hi-tech plastic, minty 'treat' choc full of preservatives that it is today."

"During World War II, Wrigley convinced the U.S. Army to include chewing gum in the rations of soldiers. Soldiers, in turn, spread the habit around the world, putting such a high demand on chicle that a synthetic substitute had to be found, making chicle-based gum a rarity."

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