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CHICZA CANADA - the first and only 100% organic and biodegradable chewing gum ever made - we now ship anywhere in America! Try it out!

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About our roots

Everyone who chews Chicza anywhere in the world is making a personal and direct contribution to a better life for a chiclero farmer and his family.

In return, the farmer continues to preserve the rainforest where he and his family lives. Actions like this lead to a greener planet.

Consorcio Chiclero - Mayan's cooperative movement

There are 56 cooperatives made up of around 2,000 chicleros working in an area of 1.3 million hectares of rainforest. They form the Consorcio Chiclero, the coordinating body which manages the production, the logistics, the trade and the finances for the manufacture of gum from the chicozapote tree. They are the creators of Chicza.

The Consorcio's long term goal has been to transform chicle from a simple ingredient in other people's products into a finished product of their own. It has taken five years to bring that product to the market: now they have Chicza.

The Consorcio promotes development with respect to the natives’ cultures, socially responsible, environmentally self sustainable and economical feasible to all. 

About Chicza, the real chicle.

Sustainability development

The concept of sustainability is central to the work of the Consorcio. 

It is not only about preserving natural resources, but also about allowing equal and balanced exchanges among many individual elements: the forest, the farmers and their families, the manufacturing, the transportation and the sale of Chicza gum to consumers who believe in fairness. 

Fair trade schemes are bringing much better economical dynamics to many groups of poor farmers around the world. Using the concept of added value, the chicleros both make and sell the chewing gum, giving each farmer an income 6 times higher than he would earn as a mere provider of raw material.

About our company

We are Segalu Distribution Inc.

A Montreal based company specialized in the distribution of healthy, natural and organic products across all North America.

Our company is a small to medium size, multilingual organisation and we pride ourselves for working in collaboration with producers (farmers and native American people) that are agreeing to work according to the fair-trade principles, the promotion of natural farming and protection and development of native cultures. 

We are the exclusive importers of Chicza gum in Canada.